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Artist Spotlight: The Work of Scott Clapper

Scott Clapper is many things. A collector, folk artist, and inventor, Scott first came to Green Doors as a disabled veteran struggling to keep a roof over his head. Today, he lives in a meticulously kept one-bedroom apartment at Pecan Springs Commons, the walls lined with shelves featuring an extensive mineral collection.

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Austin’s First Green Roof Bus Stop

Green Doors is excited to announce that Austin’s first-ever green roofed bus stop has been installed … and it’s at Pecan Springs Commons!

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Resident Success Story: Moving Forward with Lewis Stennis

When Green Doors resident Lewis Stennis came home from his deployment in Iraq in 2009, he found himself homeless at 21. Despite the challenges he faced, including brain injuries sustained from combat, the now 24-year-old has fought his way to college. Click through to read one soldier’s inspiring story…

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Garza Gardens at Pecan Springs Commons

The true beauty of a community garden lies within its very name: community. The act of gardening with your neighbors not only provides food and beauty, it also provides a sense of fellowship and well-being that is so integral to a healthy community.

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A Visit with the Roma: The Little Boy With High Heeled Shoes

Roma SettlementHe wore high-heeled shoes.

Muddy and ill-fitting, the high heeled shoes propelled the Roma boy after his friends like a sprinter across to the finish line.

At first, I didn’t understand why it unnerved me so much. There were dozens of other boys and girls in the settlement like him – each dirty, disheveled, deprived. Each fated to a hard life, poor in opportunity. I think the absurdity of his situation – a boy running around in high healed shoes and doing it well – is what struck me. How can this be?

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5th Grade Scientists, Advocates, Philanthropists

I can only imagine the Green Doors staff preparing for their November 19, 2009, “Footing the Bill” advocacy day and film screening. The effort and community support they garnered to launch the 2nd web video in their Tex S. Taxpayer educational campaign was huge and I wanted to do something to participate.

I had planned to wear my Green Doors t-shirt that day as a show of support, so I did. I made 28 peanut butter and strawberry jam sandwiches, and I got together my large cooler of boxed fruit drinks. I prepared my daughter, packed the car, and we were off to school.  November 19th was the day the 5th grade science class at Summitt Elementary School was taking a field trip to Balcones Park in Northwest Austin. And I was a volunteer chaperone.

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