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Garza Gardens at Pecan Springs Commons

The true beauty of a community garden lies within its very name: community. The act of gardening with your neighbors not only provides food and beauty, it also provides a sense of fellowship and well-being that is so integral to a healthy community.

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Artist Spotlight: The Work of Rodney Barry

Photographer, digital artist, illustrator, and budding screenwriter, Green Doors resident Rodney Barry says his work can be summed up by the web domain he’s chosen to host his work in the near future: “,” he says, laughing. “It stands for monsters, aliens, super heroes, and plain old ordinary people. Those are the subjects that interest me most.”

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Artist Spotlight: The Work of John Curran

Here at Green Doors, we are proud to count numerous talented artists among our residents.  In our new blog series, Artist Spotlight, we will share with you the vibrant work of these artists who we are so lucky to know.

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It takes a village to feed a village

Green Door's food pantryAs one of the several new faces at Green Doors, I’ve had many opportunities to learn about issues related to homelessness in Austin over the past few months and apply them to my work. So naturally, when the opportunity came about to spend some time working at our weekly food pantry, I jumped at the chance, knowing that I would learn something new that I could use in my role as a development associate.

Before I delve into my specific impressions about this experience, let me begin by letting you know something about me. Prior to joining Green Doors, I had very little knowledge about how serious the homeless issue is in Central Texas and its debilitating effects on an individual. Beyond that, I knew even less about the multiple underlying issues that can lead to someone becoming homeless, and how most of us are just one missed paycheck away from becoming homeless too. As a father and husband, I definitely sympathize with the parents in our program who have experienced the stress and heartbreak related to homelessness and poverty. Without question, my short time here at Green Doors has opened my eyes to some things I’d barely considered before.

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A day in the life of… Green Doors Senior Housing Specialist Andrea Garcia

Andrea GarciaIt’s not uncommon for someone to ask me about my role as a Senior Housing Specialist for Green Doors.

Although my days are typically consumed with phone calls and paperwork, I often tell others that my main role is to “make people cry.” It’s true, even with the toughest, hard-nosed individual. Every time I hand a resident their housing voucher, as if on cue, here come the waterworks. What can I say? Happiness comes in many forms … smiles, laughs, hugs and yes, even tears.

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Watch Video On Family Homelessness

homeless families videoThe third video in the Tex S. Taxpayer Series shines a spotlight on the 4,000 children struggling with issues of homelessness throughout Central Texas.

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September 10th KUT Coverage

Green Doors raises awareness about the more than 4,000 children in Austin who have no home.

A Visit with the Roma: The Little Boy With High Heeled Shoes

Roma SettlementHe wore high-heeled shoes.

Muddy and ill-fitting, the high heeled shoes propelled the Roma boy after his friends like a sprinter across to the finish line.

At first, I didn’t understand why it unnerved me so much. There were dozens of other boys and girls in the settlement like him – each dirty, disheveled, deprived. Each fated to a hard life, poor in opportunity. I think the absurdity of his situation – a boy running around in high healed shoes and doing it well – is what struck me. How can this be?

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5th Grade Scientists, Advocates, Philanthropists

I can only imagine the Green Doors staff preparing for their November 19, 2009, “Footing the Bill” advocacy day and film screening. The effort and community support they garnered to launch the 2nd web video in their Tex S. Taxpayer educational campaign was huge and I wanted to do something to participate.

I had planned to wear my Green Doors t-shirt that day as a show of support, so I did. I made 28 peanut butter and strawberry jam sandwiches, and I got together my large cooler of boxed fruit drinks. I prepared my daughter, packed the car, and we were off to school.  November 19th was the day the 5th grade science class at Summitt Elementary School was taking a field trip to Balcones Park in Northwest Austin. And I was a volunteer chaperone.

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Watch Video On Veteran Homelessness

homeless veterans videoGreen Doors is excited to announce the launch of its Tex S. Taxpayer Series project, focused on moving the public, the Tex S. Taxpayer – (you, me, all of us), to take constructive, positive action on the issue of homelessness.